Monday, September 5, 2016

New Traders, and Baseball Wants

It has been awhile so I just thought I'd do a little post sharing that a whole lot of college baseball, MLB, NFL, and college football have been added to the traders pages.

Not only were those added, but the 2016 wants for baseball were added into the past season baseball wants. I've been doing pretty good in crossing off some past season baseball needs due to a few sellers in the schedule trading group. Hopefully that list will dwindle a little more as another seller has popped up with some stuff I need.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another (York) Revolution

The amount of artelopes this year will be a bit slower than last year as I think I'll stick to using the idea for teams with business cards missing from the collection. There will be exceptions, and the one below fits into that category.

The York Revolution are one of those teams that have taken such good care of me in the past. Due to that, when I saw that this is the ten year anniversary for the team. An artelope with the big Roman numeral for ten, and the eagle claw was in order.

Much like past years the team once again hooked up this cat. Inside the return were three of the above schedules, and one business card. York is usually one of the teams that does two schedules each season. This means I will either be mailing the team later in the summer, or trading for one from another collector. Either way I can't say thank you enough to the Revolution for another great return.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Little Help From My Friends (OKC Dodgers)

Missing from my Pacific Coast League business card collection is the Oklahoma City Dodgers. This problem arose when the team changed affiliates to the Dodgers. Not only did the team make the affiliate change though, they made a name change to the Dodgers to go along with this new affiliation.

Wanting to add the Dodgers into the business cards after these changes. Last year I went about sending an artelope with a brick design. The request ended with a couple schedules, but no new business card. Never one to give up I went for it again this year with the following attempt.

Even though I don't give up trying. One thing I will do at times is send simpler designs, or no design whatsoever. OKC fell under the category of keeping it simpler to see if the parent club Dodgers red logo might yield better results.

Sadly this years return copied last years in the Dodgers sent two of the above schedules. Much like last year there was no business card to fill in the collection.

Things changed not long after sending out the artelope in the luck department. A fellow schedule collector happens to live in OKC, and contacted with an offer to pick up a business card. Despite having the pending return I went the bird in hand method, and took him up on a trade for the card. Good thing too as now thanks to this trade the Dodgers are now proud members of the Prowling Cat's business card collection.

Adding the Dodgers leaves the missing MiLB cards at 19 with only one request currently out there for MiLB. Soon more will be making their way out, and hopefully lowering the count.

Monday, April 11, 2016

A New Look Hot Rod

This off-season the Bowling Green Hot Rods joined the list of teams going through a logo change. What this meant to 'The Cat' is a new business card was needed to add with the old card. To do this an artelope was sent out into the world.

Wanting to do a new look the idea of a tire tread was thought up. Before going too far though I have to admit that the tire was splashed across the teams website. It was a simple look that yielded the results I was looking for.

Starting off things was three schedules with one for my personal collection, and the other two will go up for trade. Most important was the business card for updating the collection. Crossing the Hot Rods off the list put the Midwest League back into the completed list. Besides a complete league this puts the missing teams at 19. Two should fall this summer, but the remaining I will be at the mercy of return requests.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Talkin About A (Texas) Revolution

While doing my run of requests for business cards I've thrown out a few non-artelope style attempts. One of those was to the Texas Revolution from the CIF. The idea was to stretch my indoor football business cards to more than just the AFL, and IFL. To do this I randomly picked a couple teams who I thought had cool logo's, and sent out requests.

Despite missing the artwork I had to share what happens to be one of the top business cards in all of indoor football.

Now that is what you call sweetness! Note to all teams, that is how you represent on a business card, and with a schedule to boot. I would toss in the pocket schedule, but honestly it is the business card picture done up slightly different. This makes me wonder if the name Revolution comes from the fact they are revolutionizing their sport? If not it should be.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Miami Dolphins Fan Pack Me

Missing seven teams from a full set of business cards for the NFL. I created an artelope to send off for the Miami Dolphins. Problem is I didn't do a scan of the drawing as it wasn't anything fantastic, and I honestly wanted to just get it sent. After getting the return I am kind of wishing I'd have done a scan to show with this post.

Despite missing the artelope I have to share what the Dolphins sent my direction. Any time a team sends a fan package full of goodies I have to share for the world to see.

When it comes to the NFL I keep track of the Broncos, and not really any other team. Keeping that in mind I couldn't tell you who Jarvis Landry is. The blue felt flag was a pretty cool item that I don't know what will happen to it. The bottom sticker I am hoping isn't too big to put on the football binder. If it does fit I'm undecided on whether to put it on the business cards or Fleer Team Action football binder.

Lastly the Dolphins nailed it down by tossing in the much needed business card. Not only was I excited that the Dolphins sent such a sweet card. Adding the tewam dropped the NFL down to a mere six teams.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Artelopes- My Favorite Grizzly (Fresno Grizzlies)

Still working on lowering the amount of business cards missing from baseball. I sent of what was one of my more important artelopes. The importance comes from the fact that in the two years we have driven to Disneyland in the summertime we have stopped in Fresno.

While we have yet to watch a game in those two trips. A problem that the wife, and I have discussed trying to solve eventually. We have dropped in the team store where I have bought some of my favorite minor league stuff. The first time it was a logo baseball, and a t-shirt that I wore all the time. Our second time I walked away with a hat that I wore non-stop our entire Disneyland vacation, and still wear quite often. Sadly the t-shirts weren't as cool as they were during the first stop.

Because I love the hat so much I thought why not recreate the bear claw slash that is on the hat.It might not be the most fantastic drawing that I have ever done, but it did do a fantastic job in the results category.

Fresno sent three of the pocket schedules shown, and followed it up with the most important addition in the business card. Since becoming the Astros affiliate in 2015 I was unable to update the collection with the new representation.This year that changed as now Fresno has been crossed off the list of needs for the Pacific Coast League.

Hopefully my luck will keep running as I am now missing 22 teams in the minor leagues, and independent leagues. Four new requests went out today that should lower that number if all goes right.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Artelopes- Turning The Tide (Norfolk Tides)

With baseball season very close I have been hitting the baseball artelopes hard. Most of these have been to teams that have either gone through a logo change, affiliate change, new name, or are a new team. Among that list is the Norfolk Tides.

Wanting to pay tribute to the much cooler new logo I went with the trident used in the logo. If you pay attention you will notice the "N" that is part of the top of the trident.

As you can see the Tides delivered the goods. Included was two of the schedules shown below the real reason for the request in a new business card. It's a beautiful card that showcases the new log like you hope that it would. Throwing in the Orioles logo is a touch I'm torn on. While it's an idea I appreciate, I think they did the logo a little to big for my liking. Overall it is a great card though that looked better than I had expected when mailing the team.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Artelopes- Loisville Bats (Going Batty)

In the category of artwork this has to be one of the worst I have done in a long time.

If you look hard enough you can tell that those are two bats. The idea came from the Bats new logo with those being one of the alternate logo's.

While not my best work the results are still something that I am thrilled to have gotten. Included was the much wanted business card as the Bats went through a logo change this off-season. Also were two of the schedules shown above the business card. Not a bad return as the business card was the reason for this request.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Artelopes- Kane County Cougars

Continuing my run of good luck is the Kane County Cougars. The Cougars are on the list of teams who went through the process of changing logo's. What this meant is the collection needed some updating with an artelope.

Personally I think they did a great job with the new look. Since I liked it so much I thought why not go with a drawing that was close to this new logo. One thing that I was proud of is if you think about where I was ability wise when I started the entire artelope project. You can see a big difference even when it comes to a drawign that is a copy of another drawing. When this whole thing started a cat lik the one here would have looked like who knows what? Now you can see that it is a cougar like it is supposed to.

As I already said in the first sentence. Kane County delivered with four of the schedules shown, and the much sought after business card. It's a great looking card that as you can tell, showcases this sweet new logo.

After adding this into the collection, the Midwest League is only missing the Bowling Green Hot Rods. Much like the Cougars, Bowling Green is an update due to a logo change.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Artelopes- Philadelphia Soul

On my quest to complete leagues that I am very close on I decided to tackle a team I'd been leery to go after. That team is from the Arena Football League, and from the post title is obviously the Philadelphia Soul. My reason for being so cautious about mailing the team was its ownership.

For those that don't know the majority owner of the team is none other than Jon Bon Jovi. Some people might respond to this with a big so what. The problem is in my past experiences, a team owned by a celebrity like Jon are impossible to get cards for. I don't know if it is just a me thing, or if others have the same problem. All I know is that my past has shown them to be impossible. Keeping that in mind I was very reluctant to spend the money for two stamps, and a request. I took the chance though by mailing out this.

Simply put I went with the team logo, and was pretty pleased with the results.Even more pleasing was the results from this request.

A return that now has me questioning the very thinking I went into this request with. The Soul not only sent the schedule, and business card that I needed. They did it in fast fashion, and a turnaround that was faster than some teams much closer.

What they did do is leave me with hope as my luck with teams from all the various arena leagues have been treating me well this year. That is the good news, the bad news is the two remaining teams from the league.

First on the list is the now AFL owned team, Portland Steel. When it comes to the Steel I don't know if there are any business cards, or if one will ever be made. Second is what I consider the impossible dream because of who that team is. That team is the famously Gene Simmons owned team the LA KISS. Due to the name, and ownership they don't even list a mailing address to contact the team. I have sent a couple e-mails that have yet to get any sort of a response. Any time you get a team with an iconic name like the KISS they are very reluctant to mail out anything such as a business card. If I do one day pull off this miracle the collection might just have its crowning jewel. Until then it will be a dream that I will keep on hoping to one day have granted.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Hickory Crawdads

With baseball starting in the very near future I have been slowly mixing in some baseball artelopes with the other sports that have already started.

Hickory went through a new logo change this off-season. This new logo was the inspiration for the drawing I used for this request. Wanting to try something a little different though I went with one of the alternate logo's because it just looked cool in my mind.

A new logo means that the business card collection needs the new logo represented. Hickory didn't disappoint as not only did they send three schedules, but they got the most important part right by adding the business card.

With Hickory coming through the lone remaining team from the South Atlantic League is now the newest member, Columbia Fireflies. A schedule for the team has recently popped up so expect a request to be sent soon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Artelopes- Cedar Rapids Titans

On my quest to complete the IFL my final lingering artelope came home.

Thinking it would be good to just keep it simple I went with the teams sword logo. Sometimes the simple drawing turn out to be among my favorites. Maybe it is just the colors, but I like the way this envelope turned out.

As for the results they were everything that I could hope for. The Titans dropped the much wanted business card that now leaves me with four teams missing from the league. One more request went out today, and another is waiting in the wings. If my luck continues they will send business cards, and put the number at two.

The schedule itself is a card style that I scanned two of so you could see both sides. When it comes to the card style schedule they did a good job. It is always tough to get your information, and some sort of picture. In the end Cedar Rapids did both, and it turned out decent. Another great thing about card style schedules is the team usually send more as they are thinner. What that means is more schedules to offer up in trading so consider me a fan of the card style schedule.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Nebraska Danger #1

In my quest to complete the Indoor Football League, or the IFL as it is better known. I sent out requests to all, but three of the teams in the league. Two are on the verge of being mailed, and the third we will be going to their town this summer so I hope to get a card in person. The final request out was the Nebraska Danger.

Doing drawings for the Danger has been fun because of their logo. Last year I did the big danger sign, but thought this year it would be fun to try the skull, and crossbones.

In every sport, and league there is atleast one team that just seems to be impossible for me to get a business card from. Nebraska seems to be that team in the IFL as last year two requests finally yielded one schedule. This year the team sent two of the paper schedules above. What this does is leaves me thinking about my next move as contacting the team via e-mail got me a person to address my request, but it still didn't get the result.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Artelopes- Sioux Falls Storm

Last year while doing the serious business card wants update. I came across a football league appropriately called Indoor Football League, or IFL. Thinking it would be fun to try for their cards I added them to the list, and went about trying to complete the league. Luck wasn't on my side as most the requests never returned, but my spirit wasn't broken. Deciding to make another run at it I sent out request to three of the teams, and one of those was the Sioux Falls Storm.

Last years shot was a full on storm look with lightning bolts all over the front. This year not really knowing what to expect I stuck with two bolts in the teams colors. Wanting to do a little different I reversed the colors on each bolt to get what you see above.

This time the Storm nailed it, and showed why I chose to try, and complete this league. The business card has a better version of the design I attempted last year, and better still it continues on to the back of the card.

The schedule is very well done with the black, and white cover. The inside is full color so don't think the team went cheap. It is a good looking schedule that from my returns still to be shown is by far the best of the three.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 New Hampshire Fisher Cats #1

If you are paying attention you will notice that this post is labeled #1. The reason behind this is the Fisher Cats always put out a minimum two different schedules each year. Whether I need to send another SASE, or will be able to trade for that schedule isn't something I'm too concerned with right now.

The Fisher Cats use a red, white, and blue color scheme. Due to this I've had some fun doing the artwork for their envelopes. This edition was no different as I thought why not do something that resembles the US flag? I can't say it was a prefect match, or anything. What I can say though is I like the way it turned out in the end.

For results the Fisher Cats have always nailed it. They kept that trend going in this return as they sent three schedules, and a pair of business cards. My initial thinking is the business card is a new design. Hopefully that thinking proves to be right, but if not it give me a couple more for the traders.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Colorado Avalanche

When it comes to hockey schedules my interests are very small. That shows in the fact that I only collect schedules for one NHL team, and that team is the Colorado Avalanche. Ironically the Avalanche are also one of six teams from the NHL I am missing a business card from. Those two things led to the following artwork, and a request letter.

With it being winter I for some strange reason felt that I had to draw something with snowflakes. Adding in the mountains came later as it just seemed to need more than just the flakes.

While the Aves did send a schedule. As you can see they are still missing from the business card collection. Hopefully at some point I will be able to change this as it's always disheartening when your collection is missing you favorite team. Luckily the Aves are the only team from my favorites that is missing.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Clearwater Threshers

I had another planned post for today in an artelope return. Things changed though as while watching MLB Network they advertised spring training games for today. So, in honor of the games starting today I thought why not show off my latest 2016 minor league schedule.

Clearwater has been a Phillies affiliate since the teams founding in 1985. Before becoming the Threshers in 2004 the team was known as the Clearwater Phillies. 2004 was when my collection for the team originally started, but since then has branched off into collecting the schedules before 2004. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Westchester Knicks Biz Card

With some of the leagues starting to fall into the very close to completion stage. I made the move to e-mail some of the missing teams in these leagues, and luckily one of them responded. The response came from a member of the Westchester Knicks who are the NBADL team for the New York Knicks.  A name was given to address the envelope.

Rather than go the route of sending an artelope I kept it simple, and sent a regular envelope, and SASE for the return trip.

Now with the Knicks in the collection I am currently missing four teams from the NBADL. Another possible lead has come my way for one of the remaining teams. Hopefully this lead will come to fruition, and the list will shrink by one more. Until then I will keep chiseling away at cards from all the teams from every winter sportin hopes of completing atleast one league.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Georgia Swarm

Working on the indoor National Lacrosse League, or the NLL. I sent out a few artelopes, and a few regular SASE requests. One of, and the second of two artelopes was sent to the Georgia Swarm.

The Swarm are a relocated team for 2016. Originally known as the Minnesota Swarm the team moved to Georgia beginning this season. The reason for this move was an end to the teams lease in Minnesota, and hoping to become more profitable.

The idea for the artwork was the cityscape I've used before, and throw in the beehive that I have used in the past. The honeycombs didn't turn out like I had hoped, but the city turned out as planned.

The best news was that the Swarm delivered with the results I wish every team delivered. As you can see the team sent a pocket schedule, and the most important addition the business card. With the Swarm now in the collection there are three teams missing from the NLL.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Colorado Mammoth

With the winter sports starting up I have been on a full blitz to try, and either close out some leagues or get real close. The NLL fits in the category of leagues I think could possibly be completed this year. Originally the league needed some serious dedication to complete going into 2016. Luckily a trade for two of the teams got me excited about the possibility of finishing things off. Feeling this excitement I got straight to work, and sent requests to four of the five missing teams.

Not exactly my best work when it comes not only to drawing, but in drawing mountains. I have to admit that when drawing this I wasn't very motivated to do my best work. The Mammoth have gotten a few requests in the past, and nothing ever came from those requests. Throw in that the Mammoth have joined the club for what I believe is three years now of not producing schedules. The hopes of getting a business card from the team was very slim in my opinion.

The good news is slim came through with this little beauty above. Best of all the Mammoth nailed down the design on their cards, and showed why I love this teams logo so much. If they were to give out an award for NLL logo's I think the Mammoth would either win, or come in a very close second.

With another card still waiting to be shown. The NLL is finally down to missing only three business cards from being a completed league. Two teams are from Canada, and thus take a little more time to get returns from. The final team I couldn't find an address for, and am working on getting a mailing address for. Once the address is secured the New England Black Wolves can expect to be hearing from me.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Artelopes 2015 Detroit Lions

With 2016 seeing a month, and a half already gone. I guess it's about time to show off the last 2015 artelope for NFL.

The daughter was chomping at the bit to do this drawing. Being she rarely wants to do any of these lately I was more than willing to let her do her thing. Her inspiration was some sort of Leo birth sign that she had either previously drawn, or seen and wanted to draw. Done entirely in pencil it was sent out without color because she wasn't willing to color it, and I felt it wasn't my place to add color to her art.

Detroit failed to send either a business card, or a pocket schedule. What they did send was a fan pack that had some pretty cool stuff. First is the rubber helmet keychain that now sits on the football shelf in the hobby room. Second is a pencil that simply says Lions with no logo, and third is the sheet with four stickers. Originally I had no idea on what to do with the stickers, but I'm kind of thinking about decorating the football business cards binder. Whether I use the large sticker, or one to two of the smaller is still being thought out.

Other than the Steelers which I'm probably going to just let pass on by. This closes out the 2015 artelopes, and moves us into 2016 moving forward.

Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Oregon Ducks softball, and baseball

While at the Oregon Ducks basketball game Sunday I came across the following baseball, and softball schedule.

The schedule itself is a card style with the baseball on one side, and the softball on the other. Who each player on the schedule is I have no idea. What I do know is that both teams have been establishing themselves as threats in the PAC12 each year. Expect 2016 to be no different for either team.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Lost Files- 2015 Sioux Falls, and Rio Grande Valley NBADL

With still three of the 2015 artelopes unaccounted for it is finally time to give up the ghost on two more. The third will be coming in a future post as well being it went to an NFL, and well. The season ended for this team in the playoffs at the hands of my favorite team the Denver Broncos. Enough about them though, lets get to the business of ending hopes on a return for these two requests shall we?

Sent in early November the Vipers have once again been a no return. I've been hopeful as in the past Rio Grande Valley teams have been awesome in returns. For some reason the Vipers are some weird sort of hold out.

Not exactly my best work on this request. The idea is a snake biting a basketball, being the team plays in the NBA Developmental League. With the season still on I am not about to give up hope, and plan on sending an e-mail to the team soon in hopes of getting a contact for better results.

Another team that hasn't sent a return the last two years is the Skyforce. I have to admit that this one stings a little. When the team played years ago in the CBA they were simply incredible in their returns. Things have changed though since becoming an NBADL team.

The idea here is three people at night watching a flaming basketball going across the night sky. The reason for the flaming ball is it is the team logo, and I thought people watching it at night just seemed cool. Kind of a shooting star type of thing. Much like the Vipers, Sioux Falls will be getting an e-mail in hopes of getting results.

With only eight business cards missing in both the NBA, and NBADL combined. My goal it to lower that number to below five before this season closes out. I will be doing the e-mail thing for all eight as I have already taken one shot with artelopes, and four never responded.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 San Jose Sharks

With hockey season in full swing I started the year off by sending out four artelope requests. As usual these were with the full intent on lowering the seven missing NHL teams down to three. So far the Chicago Blackhawks nailed it, and lowered the number to six. After the success I am now hopeful that things will get even better.

Why I still haven't attempted the teams shark eating the hockey stick is beyond me. I did atleast do something a bit more shark related this time. After doing the teeth around the envelope that personally wasn't really that good.

In the return category as you can see were pocket schedules, and no business card. Three of the version 2 schedules to be exact. While I didn't do a scan of the center I will let you know that it is a small poster of #88.

With tons of season still left this won't be my last attempt at getting a business card from the Sharks. The next attempt might be led by an e-mail to the team in hopes that it will increase the odds of finally adding the Sharks into the NHL business cards.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Chicago Blackhawks

If my first return of 2016 is any indication of the way this year is going to be. It is going to be a great year that I am looking very forward to.

Deciding to try something new I came up with the artelope above. Originally I was thinking about doing the darkened cityscape for the bottom half. and bringing it into the Indian head logo with the feathers.

Things changed though as the wife, and myself went out to breakfast one morning. While there I noticed the managers tie had a design like the one across the bottom. I liked the look, and thought that it would be cool to use but mixing it up. Instead of those colors I made each line the colors used on each of the feathers on the team logo. Then keeping with the new theme I went old school on the team logo, and did the 'C' with the tomahawks.

As I said earlier, "If my first return of 2016 is any indication of the way this year is going to be. It is going to be a great year that I am looking very forward to." The reason is as you can see, the Blackhawks nailed the return with the much needed business card.

Thanks to the Blackhawks the hockey collection is down to six missing from completion. Hopefully that number will go lower as there are two artelopes pending a return from Arizona, and Boston. Hopefully one or more of those will net a return something like this one from Chicago.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Lost Files- 2015 Charlotte Hornets, and New Orleans Pelicans

As part of my huge year in sending out artelopes. Once again I made attempts to finish off the NBA business cards by sending requests to three of the four teams still missing. While the New York Knicks sent schedules, but no business card. The Hornets, and Pelicans left The Cat high, and dry.

For the Hornets I thought going with the nest look, but creating the combs out of the teams purple, and teal colors.

When I was younger, and more of a basketball fan. For a spell the Hornets were my favorite team. Thinking about my history with basketball has been a weird ride. Growing up I was a Nuggets fan, then Jazz for a bit. This was followed by the Hornets era, and my current no favorite team. Maybe if I had a favorite team I'd be more inclined to watch, but I don't have one so we may never know.

For the second straight year the Pelicans have been a no show in the return category. This year's attempt was a design that I spotted on the team website. With my artwork still improving I have to say it ended up decent, but not as good as I'd hoped.

I'm considering an attempt to the team that is not an artelope to see if the results are different. With basketball in full force it might be worth trying both these teams now that the holiday season is over.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Artelopes- 2015 New York Knicks

Contained within the last batch of artelopes sent out in 2015 was this bad boy to the New York Knicks.

Not knowing which direction to go I figured why not run with the cityscape? I've attempted the look a couple times, and honestly still need to work on improving it if I try it again. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the idea does pop up again at a later date. Hopefully by then my drawing will be even more improved than it currently is.

Going in the Knicks were one of four teams still missing from the NBA business card collection. As you can tell they are still one of the four teams missing from the NBA business cards collection. What they did send were two of these schedules that will make it to the traders list at some point.