Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Artelopes- Cedar Rapids Titans

On my quest to complete the IFL my final lingering artelope came home.

Thinking it would be good to just keep it simple I went with the teams sword logo. Sometimes the simple drawing turn out to be among my favorites. Maybe it is just the colors, but I like the way this envelope turned out.

As for the results they were everything that I could hope for. The Titans dropped the much wanted business card that now leaves me with four teams missing from the league. One more request went out today, and another is waiting in the wings. If my luck continues they will send business cards, and put the number at two.

The schedule itself is a card style that I scanned two of so you could see both sides. When it comes to the card style schedule they did a good job. It is always tough to get your information, and some sort of picture. In the end Cedar Rapids did both, and it turned out decent. Another great thing about card style schedules is the team usually send more as they are thinner. What that means is more schedules to offer up in trading so consider me a fan of the card style schedule.

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