Sunday, March 6, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Nebraska Danger #1

In my quest to complete the Indoor Football League, or the IFL as it is better known. I sent out requests to all, but three of the teams in the league. Two are on the verge of being mailed, and the third we will be going to their town this summer so I hope to get a card in person. The final request out was the Nebraska Danger.

Doing drawings for the Danger has been fun because of their logo. Last year I did the big danger sign, but thought this year it would be fun to try the skull, and crossbones.

In every sport, and league there is atleast one team that just seems to be impossible for me to get a business card from. Nebraska seems to be that team in the IFL as last year two requests finally yielded one schedule. This year the team sent two of the paper schedules above. What this does is leaves me thinking about my next move as contacting the team via e-mail got me a person to address my request, but it still didn't get the result.

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