Sunday, April 10, 2016

Talkin About A (Texas) Revolution

While doing my run of requests for business cards I've thrown out a few non-artelope style attempts. One of those was to the Texas Revolution from the CIF. The idea was to stretch my indoor football business cards to more than just the AFL, and IFL. To do this I randomly picked a couple teams who I thought had cool logo's, and sent out requests.

Despite missing the artwork I had to share what happens to be one of the top business cards in all of indoor football.

Now that is what you call sweetness! Note to all teams, that is how you represent on a business card, and with a schedule to boot. I would toss in the pocket schedule, but honestly it is the business card picture done up slightly different. This makes me wonder if the name Revolution comes from the fact they are revolutionizing their sport? If not it should be.

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