Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Lost Files- 2015 Sioux Falls, and Rio Grande Valley NBADL

With still three of the 2015 artelopes unaccounted for it is finally time to give up the ghost on two more. The third will be coming in a future post as well being it went to an NFL, and well. The season ended for this team in the playoffs at the hands of my favorite team the Denver Broncos. Enough about them though, lets get to the business of ending hopes on a return for these two requests shall we?

Sent in early November the Vipers have once again been a no return. I've been hopeful as in the past Rio Grande Valley teams have been awesome in returns. For some reason the Vipers are some weird sort of hold out.

Not exactly my best work on this request. The idea is a snake biting a basketball, being the team plays in the NBA Developmental League. With the season still on I am not about to give up hope, and plan on sending an e-mail to the team soon in hopes of getting a contact for better results.

Another team that hasn't sent a return the last two years is the Skyforce. I have to admit that this one stings a little. When the team played years ago in the CBA they were simply incredible in their returns. Things have changed though since becoming an NBADL team.

The idea here is three people at night watching a flaming basketball going across the night sky. The reason for the flaming ball is it is the team logo, and I thought people watching it at night just seemed cool. Kind of a shooting star type of thing. Much like the Vipers, Sioux Falls will be getting an e-mail in hopes of getting results.

With only eight business cards missing in both the NBA, and NBADL combined. My goal it to lower that number to below five before this season closes out. I will be doing the e-mail thing for all eight as I have already taken one shot with artelopes, and four never responded.

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