Monday, February 15, 2016

Artelopes 2015 Detroit Lions

With 2016 seeing a month, and a half already gone. I guess it's about time to show off the last 2015 artelope for NFL.

The daughter was chomping at the bit to do this drawing. Being she rarely wants to do any of these lately I was more than willing to let her do her thing. Her inspiration was some sort of Leo birth sign that she had either previously drawn, or seen and wanted to draw. Done entirely in pencil it was sent out without color because she wasn't willing to color it, and I felt it wasn't my place to add color to her art.

Detroit failed to send either a business card, or a pocket schedule. What they did send was a fan pack that had some pretty cool stuff. First is the rubber helmet keychain that now sits on the football shelf in the hobby room. Second is a pencil that simply says Lions with no logo, and third is the sheet with four stickers. Originally I had no idea on what to do with the stickers, but I'm kind of thinking about decorating the football business cards binder. Whether I use the large sticker, or one to two of the smaller is still being thought out.

Other than the Steelers which I'm probably going to just let pass on by. This closes out the 2015 artelopes, and moves us into 2016 moving forward.

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