Saturday, March 5, 2016

Artelopes- Sioux Falls Storm

Last year while doing the serious business card wants update. I came across a football league appropriately called Indoor Football League, or IFL. Thinking it would be fun to try for their cards I added them to the list, and went about trying to complete the league. Luck wasn't on my side as most the requests never returned, but my spirit wasn't broken. Deciding to make another run at it I sent out request to three of the teams, and one of those was the Sioux Falls Storm.

Last years shot was a full on storm look with lightning bolts all over the front. This year not really knowing what to expect I stuck with two bolts in the teams colors. Wanting to do a little different I reversed the colors on each bolt to get what you see above.

This time the Storm nailed it, and showed why I chose to try, and complete this league. The business card has a better version of the design I attempted last year, and better still it continues on to the back of the card.

The schedule is very well done with the black, and white cover. The inside is full color so don't think the team went cheap. It is a good looking schedule that from my returns still to be shown is by far the best of the three.

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