Sunday, February 3, 2019

Tradfing In Your Favor- week 3 FOOD SPONSORED SCHEDULES!!

With the Super Bowl being today, and my football needs being kind of limited. I decided it would be fun to go with the tradition of eating. There will be tons of wings, and other finger foods going down today. Why not run with the theme of schedules sponsored by eating establishments, beer, and food in general.

To add a little into the deal for this week. still keeping with 4 of mine for 1 of each on this list, and past weeks lists. This week I am offering 5 to 1 for any you send with a beer sponsor from my wants, and any ARBY's sponsored.from the wants,because I like ARBY's :) .. There are also a bunch of needed schedules  that I have the year, but not the sponsor on in my wantlists. Feel free to hit those up as I'm always trading for those and at 4 to 1 during this time.

Denver Broncos
2014 players entering field ^Spanish^ (Bud Light)
2015 mascot with flag ^Spanish^ (Bud Light Can/Bud Light)

Cincinnati Reds
1983 Logo on Platter (Frisch's)
1984 Logo on Platter (Frisch's)
1991 Logo on Platter (Frisch's Big Boy)
1993 Big Boy Wearing Hat (Frisch's Big Boy)
2009 Frisch's Big Boy (salads)

Colorado Rockies
2002 10 years over 4 pictures ^april edition^ (Coors Light)
2003 introducing ^april edition^ (Coors Light)
2007 three players ^april edition^ (Coors Light) 

Seattle Mariners 
 2002 Ichiro (Sparkletts) (Pepsi)
2002 Ichiro *Spanish* (Budweiser)
2003 Arthur Rhodes (Starbucks)
2005 Beltre (Bud Game Time)
2006 Richie Sexson (Budweiser) (Pepsi *portland edition*)
2017 Felix Hernandez (Coors Light)

Clearwater Threshers-
2015 mascot with 30 year logo (Budweiser)

Colorado Springs Sky Sox
2013 Player Running To Catch Ball/ Player Swinging/ Logo/ Rockies Logo (Pepsi/ Ticket Info)
2016 players celebrating (Pepsi)

Las Vegas 51's
2016 #30 Anthony Recker (Budweiser) 

Northwest Arkansas Naturals
2015 Season 8 logo (Taco Bell)
2015 Season 8 logo (Dickey's BBQ Pit)
2016 team logo with #CROWNtoCROWN over ballpark background (Andy's Frozen Custard)
2018 hitter and logo (TCBY)

Salt Lake Stingers
1994 (Coors Light)
1996 (All-Sport)
2001 (Santa Fe)
2003 (Panda Express)

Tulsa Drillers
2001 Albertsons Star Tickets)
2002 (Mrs. Baird's)
2004 (Mrs. Baird's)
2006 25th Anniversary of Drillers Stadium (Arby's Pick 5)
2006 2 players (Albertsons)
2010 B/W with "Countdown to Downtown" (ARBY's)
2016 player jumping to make catch (Aquafina) 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Trading In Your Favor -- week 2 HOCKEY!!

As you can see from the headline that week 2 of trading in your favor is here. I've decided that with this weekend being NHL All-Star Weekend that it should be a hockey theme for this week.

Like last week the offer is 4 schedules in return of every 1 that you have from either this list, or the from last week. If you look and, compare both lists you will see that the hockey were brought up into this list..

Colorado Avalanche-
2008-2009 logo (Coors)
2009-2010 Plastic Card/ Keychain Sked (Tires Plus & Bridgestone)
2012-2013  Logo/ NHL Logo "Worn With Pride" (Ticket Horse)
2013-2014 Sign With "Avalanche Territory" (Pepsi)
Colorado Avalanche- logo (Altitude Tickets)
Colorado Avalanche- Leo Legere card

 Cleveland (Lake Erie) Monsters-
2008-2009 Comic Book Type Cover Drawing Of Player/ Logo (Kaiser Permanente,) (NAPA Auto Parts)
2009-2010 players celebrating  (Huntington Bank) (NAPA Auto Parts)
2010-2011 body of player holding stick  (Huntington Bank)
2017-2018  Goalie with arena in background (Rocket Mortgage)(NovaCare)

Odessa Jackalopes-

Rio Grande Killer Bees-

Utah Grizzlies-

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Trading In Your Favor 2019

The yearly schedule collecting tradition continues. Once again I am offering 4 schedules for every 1 you can trade me from my wantlists.

Last year was a fantastic success by doing the 4 weeks of different offers. I think by breaking down the lists instead of overwhelming everyone with a mile long wantlist worked way better. I know for myself, that mile long list will sometimes lose me along the way. Especially when you throw in having to look through a giant traders list to complete the trade.

Starting off week one will be 2018-2019 schedules. I changed departments at work, and the new one had tooons of overtime. With all the overtime I missed some baseball, all football, and all hockey. So we will start there, and hopefully fill in some of the holes.

---2018 Baseball--
Bowling Green Hot Rods
Columbia Fireflies- 10 panel version
Grand Junction Rockies
Northwest Arkansas Naturals- EE - Logo (ticket info)
Northwest Arkansas Naturals- hitter and logo (TCBY)
Omaha Storm Chasers- LH batter (J&M Displays)
Tulsa Driller- Corey Seager (U.S. Cellular)
Winston Salem Dash

--2019 Baseball--
Seattle Mariners (Mitch Haniger)
Seattle Mariners - spring training
Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs
Omaha Storm Chasers
New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Clearwater Threshers- RH batter
Great Lakes Loons
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

--2018 Football--
Baltimore Ravens- Wild Bills Apparel card
Cleveland Browns- Dream Seats card
Denver Broncos- #88
Denver Broncos- #4 Case Keenum ^Spanish^
Detroit Lions- The Varsity Shop card
Green Bay Packers- any and all business card sized
New Orleans Saints- combo with LSU
Pittsburgh Steelers- combo with Pitt, and Penn State
Pittsburgh Steelers- Vodka Brands Corp. card
Alabama Crimson Tide- Paul Bear Bryant card
Auburn Tigers- Auburn Bank card
Nebraska Huskers- any and all of the cards
UNLV Rebels
Utah Utes
Cinn BearCats- all covers, and sponsors
All Alumni Hall schedules

--2018 college basketball--
Cinn BearCats- all covers, and sponsors
UNLV Rebels
Utah Utes

--2018-2019 Hockey--
Colorado Avalanche- logo (Altitude Tickets)
Colorado Avalanche- Leo Legere card
Chicago Blackhawks- Gold Coast Tickets card
Chicago Blackhawks- AAA Tickets combo with Bulls
Columbus Blue Jackets- dream seats card
Cleveland Monsters
Utah Grizzlies
Odessa Jackalopes

I've added probably a couple hundred minimum to the traders since last year. This hopefully means you will find something new that you can use in return.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Business As Usual

'Trading In Your Favor' month has come and gone. Changing things up this year was a great decision as I managed to add a bunch of schedules. I doubt most of these would have come my way using the old go through my giant wantlists method. I'd like to end by thanking everyone who took me up on the offer. Look for it to happen once again next year using the same type of format as was used this year.

Next up is I made another trip south to visit fellow collector Mike. It was a great time as we talked a bit, and he even showed off some of his mass collection of schedule holder, bobbleheads, etc. with me. I could have looked and talked longer about the stuff he had as I'm not looking to add any into my collection, but it is awesome to admire another collection. My favorite was when we did a somewhat quick look through one of his business card binders. Now that was some stuff that I wouldn't mind seeing in my own binders of sports business cards. I hope he enjoyed showing it off half as much as I enjoyed looking at his collection. I could look at a great collection like Mike has for hours. If you ask me the best parts of collecting is both showing, and admiring a collection.

 Overall it was an incredible day that saw Mike unload some schedules to make more room at his place, and me some new trader fodder, and some missing stuff for my collection.