Sunday, May 28, 2017

Doing The Updates

While it has been quite awhile since doing any updates around here. I am still kicking, and collecting schedules. Today has even marked a major day as I've added in the neighborhood of 100 schedules into the traders pages. These schedules are on every page, and cover most every level on the pages. Some of these include 2017 indoor football, and 2017 baseball. If you are in need of any schedules feel free to look over things for a possible trade.

Monday, September 5, 2016

New Traders, and Baseball Wants

It has been awhile so I just thought I'd do a little post sharing that a whole lot of college baseball, MLB, NFL, and college football have been added to the traders pages.

Not only were those added, but the 2016 wants for baseball were added into the past season baseball wants. I've been doing pretty good in crossing off some past season baseball needs due to a few sellers in the schedule trading group. Hopefully that list will dwindle a little more as another seller has popped up with some stuff I need.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another (York) Revolution

The amount of artelopes this year will be a bit slower than last year as I think I'll stick to using the idea for teams with business cards missing from the collection. There will be exceptions, and the one below fits into that category.

The York Revolution are one of those teams that have taken such good care of me in the past. Due to that, when I saw that this is the ten year anniversary for the team. An artelope with the big Roman numeral for ten, and the eagle claw was in order.

Much like past years the team once again hooked up this cat. Inside the return were three of the above schedules, and one business card. York is usually one of the teams that does two schedules each season. This means I will either be mailing the team later in the summer, or trading for one from another collector. Either way I can't say thank you enough to the Revolution for another great return.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Little Help From My Friends (OKC Dodgers)

Missing from my Pacific Coast League business card collection is the Oklahoma City Dodgers. This problem arose when the team changed affiliates to the Dodgers. Not only did the team make the affiliate change though, they made a name change to the Dodgers to go along with this new affiliation.

Wanting to add the Dodgers into the business cards after these changes. Last year I went about sending an artelope with a brick design. The request ended with a couple schedules, but no new business card. Never one to give up I went for it again this year with the following attempt.

Even though I don't give up trying. One thing I will do at times is send simpler designs, or no design whatsoever. OKC fell under the category of keeping it simpler to see if the parent club Dodgers red logo might yield better results.

Sadly this years return copied last years in the Dodgers sent two of the above schedules. Much like last year there was no business card to fill in the collection.

Things changed not long after sending out the artelope in the luck department. A fellow schedule collector happens to live in OKC, and contacted with an offer to pick up a business card. Despite having the pending return I went the bird in hand method, and took him up on a trade for the card. Good thing too as now thanks to this trade the Dodgers are now proud members of the Prowling Cat's business card collection.

Adding the Dodgers leaves the missing MiLB cards at 19 with only one request currently out there for MiLB. Soon more will be making their way out, and hopefully lowering the count.