Monday, March 28, 2016

Artelopes- Turning The Tide (Norfolk Tides)

With baseball season very close I have been hitting the baseball artelopes hard. Most of these have been to teams that have either gone through a logo change, affiliate change, new name, or are a new team. Among that list is the Norfolk Tides.

Wanting to pay tribute to the much cooler new logo I went with the trident used in the logo. If you pay attention you will notice the "N" that is part of the top of the trident.

As you can see the Tides delivered the goods. Included was two of the schedules shown below the real reason for the request in a new business card. It's a beautiful card that showcases the new log like you hope that it would. Throwing in the Orioles logo is a touch I'm torn on. While it's an idea I appreciate, I think they did the logo a little to big for my liking. Overall it is a great card though that looked better than I had expected when mailing the team.

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