Monday, January 25, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 San Jose Sharks

With hockey season in full swing I started the year off by sending out four artelope requests. As usual these were with the full intent on lowering the seven missing NHL teams down to three. So far the Chicago Blackhawks nailed it, and lowered the number to six. After the success I am now hopeful that things will get even better.

Why I still haven't attempted the teams shark eating the hockey stick is beyond me. I did atleast do something a bit more shark related this time. After doing the teeth around the envelope that personally wasn't really that good.

In the return category as you can see were pocket schedules, and no business card. Three of the version 2 schedules to be exact. While I didn't do a scan of the center I will let you know that it is a small poster of #88.

With tons of season still left this won't be my last attempt at getting a business card from the Sharks. The next attempt might be led by an e-mail to the team in hopes that it will increase the odds of finally adding the Sharks into the NHL business cards.

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