Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Artelopes- Kane County Cougars

Continuing my run of good luck is the Kane County Cougars. The Cougars are on the list of teams who went through the process of changing logo's. What this meant is the collection needed some updating with an artelope.

Personally I think they did a great job with the new look. Since I liked it so much I thought why not go with a drawing that was close to this new logo. One thing that I was proud of is if you think about where I was ability wise when I started the entire artelope project. You can see a big difference even when it comes to a drawign that is a copy of another drawing. When this whole thing started a cat lik the one here would have looked like who knows what? Now you can see that it is a cougar like it is supposed to.

As I already said in the first sentence. Kane County delivered with four of the schedules shown, and the much sought after business card. It's a great looking card that as you can tell, showcases this sweet new logo.

After adding this into the collection, the Midwest League is only missing the Bowling Green Hot Rods. Much like the Cougars, Bowling Green is an update due to a logo change.

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