Monday, February 29, 2016

Westchester Knicks Biz Card

With some of the leagues starting to fall into the very close to completion stage. I made the move to e-mail some of the missing teams in these leagues, and luckily one of them responded. The response came from a member of the Westchester Knicks who are the NBADL team for the New York Knicks.  A name was given to address the envelope.

Rather than go the route of sending an artelope I kept it simple, and sent a regular envelope, and SASE for the return trip.

Now with the Knicks in the collection I am currently missing four teams from the NBADL. Another possible lead has come my way for one of the remaining teams. Hopefully this lead will come to fruition, and the list will shrink by one more. Until then I will keep chiseling away at cards from all the teams from every winter sportin hopes of completing atleast one league.

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