Monday, September 25, 2017


So yesterday I spent the day trading with Mike Butchko. Our meeting has been a ritual that we've done every two years. This time it has been somewhere between 3-4 years since our last get together. What happens each time we get together though is my traders are a complete mess. A mess that normally takes months to get back into order.  It might even take longer to fix on this go round as I'm doing some serious overtime at work these days so spending time on here odds are will be a very slow process.

There are two great things that come out of this session of swapping schedules that we do.

Number one is it forces me to go through every single schedule, and physically touch it to verify that I still have it as a trader.

Number two is I come home with a brand spanking new batch of traders to add into that the pages as Mike tells me to just grab stuff, and go wild. What I will say about the new stuff is 80% or more is baseball schedules. The remaining is alot of Oregon State Beavers, Oregon Ducks, and Seattle Seahawks football.

Now onto the updating information, this go-round I'm going to do different than in the past. If you look you will see that I didn't take everything away like in the past. What I am doing is leaving everything there, and changing the look of the list.

If you look at a page and the team name is bold, and dark red with the letters larger than the schedules for trade. Then that set of traders has been updated with each schedule verified as a trader. Here is an example.

Denver Broncos--
2000 kid with player (fake sponsor)

As of writing this the following traders have all been completed\

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Doing The Updates

While it has been quite awhile since doing any updates around here. I am still kicking, and collecting schedules. Today has even marked a major day as I've added in the neighborhood of 100 schedules into the traders pages. These schedules are on every page, and cover most every level on the pages. Some of these include 2017 indoor football, and 2017 baseball. If you are in need of any schedules feel free to look over things for a possible trade.