Monday, January 18, 2016

The Lost Files- 2015 Charlotte Hornets, and New Orleans Pelicans

As part of my huge year in sending out artelopes. Once again I made attempts to finish off the NBA business cards by sending requests to three of the four teams still missing. While the New York Knicks sent schedules, but no business card. The Hornets, and Pelicans left The Cat high, and dry.

For the Hornets I thought going with the nest look, but creating the combs out of the teams purple, and teal colors.

When I was younger, and more of a basketball fan. For a spell the Hornets were my favorite team. Thinking about my history with basketball has been a weird ride. Growing up I was a Nuggets fan, then Jazz for a bit. This was followed by the Hornets era, and my current no favorite team. Maybe if I had a favorite team I'd be more inclined to watch, but I don't have one so we may never know.

For the second straight year the Pelicans have been a no show in the return category. This year's attempt was a design that I spotted on the team website. With my artwork still improving I have to say it ended up decent, but not as good as I'd hoped.

I'm considering an attempt to the team that is not an artelope to see if the results are different. With basketball in full force it might be worth trying both these teams now that the holiday season is over.

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