Monday, March 14, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Hickory Crawdads

With baseball starting in the very near future I have been slowly mixing in some baseball artelopes with the other sports that have already started.

Hickory went through a new logo change this off-season. This new logo was the inspiration for the drawing I used for this request. Wanting to try something a little different though I went with one of the alternate logo's because it just looked cool in my mind.

A new logo means that the business card collection needs the new logo represented. Hickory didn't disappoint as not only did they send three schedules, but they got the most important part right by adding the business card.

With Hickory coming through the lone remaining team from the South Atlantic League is now the newest member, Columbia Fireflies. A schedule for the team has recently popped up so expect a request to be sent soon.

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