Monday, April 18, 2016

Another (York) Revolution

The amount of artelopes this year will be a bit slower than last year as I think I'll stick to using the idea for teams with business cards missing from the collection. There will be exceptions, and the one below fits into that category.

The York Revolution are one of those teams that have taken such good care of me in the past. Due to that, when I saw that this is the ten year anniversary for the team. An artelope with the big Roman numeral for ten, and the eagle claw was in order.

Much like past years the team once again hooked up this cat. Inside the return were three of the above schedules, and one business card. York is usually one of the teams that does two schedules each season. This means I will either be mailing the team later in the summer, or trading for one from another collector. Either way I can't say thank you enough to the Revolution for another great return.

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