Monday, February 22, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Colorado Mammoth

With the winter sports starting up I have been on a full blitz to try, and either close out some leagues or get real close. The NLL fits in the category of leagues I think could possibly be completed this year. Originally the league needed some serious dedication to complete going into 2016. Luckily a trade for two of the teams got me excited about the possibility of finishing things off. Feeling this excitement I got straight to work, and sent requests to four of the five missing teams.

Not exactly my best work when it comes not only to drawing, but in drawing mountains. I have to admit that when drawing this I wasn't very motivated to do my best work. The Mammoth have gotten a few requests in the past, and nothing ever came from those requests. Throw in that the Mammoth have joined the club for what I believe is three years now of not producing schedules. The hopes of getting a business card from the team was very slim in my opinion.

The good news is slim came through with this little beauty above. Best of all the Mammoth nailed down the design on their cards, and showed why I love this teams logo so much. If they were to give out an award for NLL logo's I think the Mammoth would either win, or come in a very close second.

With another card still waiting to be shown. The NLL is finally down to missing only three business cards from being a completed league. Two teams are from Canada, and thus take a little more time to get returns from. The final team I couldn't find an address for, and am working on getting a mailing address for. Once the address is secured the New England Black Wolves can expect to be hearing from me.

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