Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Artelopes- My Favorite Grizzly (Fresno Grizzlies)

Still working on lowering the amount of business cards missing from baseball. I sent of what was one of my more important artelopes. The importance comes from the fact that in the two years we have driven to Disneyland in the summertime we have stopped in Fresno.

While we have yet to watch a game in those two trips. A problem that the wife, and I have discussed trying to solve eventually. We have dropped in the team store where I have bought some of my favorite minor league stuff. The first time it was a logo baseball, and a t-shirt that I wore all the time. Our second time I walked away with a hat that I wore non-stop our entire Disneyland vacation, and still wear quite often. Sadly the t-shirts weren't as cool as they were during the first stop.

Because I love the hat so much I thought why not recreate the bear claw slash that is on the hat.It might not be the most fantastic drawing that I have ever done, but it did do a fantastic job in the results category.

Fresno sent three of the pocket schedules shown, and followed it up with the most important addition in the business card. Since becoming the Astros affiliate in 2015 I was unable to update the collection with the new representation.This year that changed as now Fresno has been crossed off the list of needs for the Pacific Coast League.

Hopefully my luck will keep running as I am now missing 22 teams in the minor leagues, and independent leagues. Four new requests went out today that should lower that number if all goes right.

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