Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Artelopes- Philadelphia Soul

On my quest to complete leagues that I am very close on I decided to tackle a team I'd been leery to go after. That team is from the Arena Football League, and from the post title is obviously the Philadelphia Soul. My reason for being so cautious about mailing the team was its ownership.

For those that don't know the majority owner of the team is none other than Jon Bon Jovi. Some people might respond to this with a big so what. The problem is in my past experiences, a team owned by a celebrity like Jon are impossible to get cards for. I don't know if it is just a me thing, or if others have the same problem. All I know is that my past has shown them to be impossible. Keeping that in mind I was very reluctant to spend the money for two stamps, and a request. I took the chance though by mailing out this.

Simply put I went with the team logo, and was pretty pleased with the results.Even more pleasing was the results from this request.

A return that now has me questioning the very thinking I went into this request with. The Soul not only sent the schedule, and business card that I needed. They did it in fast fashion, and a turnaround that was faster than some teams much closer.

What they did do is leave me with hope as my luck with teams from all the various arena leagues have been treating me well this year. That is the good news, the bad news is the two remaining teams from the league.

First on the list is the now AFL owned team, Portland Steel. When it comes to the Steel I don't know if there are any business cards, or if one will ever be made. Second is what I consider the impossible dream because of who that team is. That team is the famously Gene Simmons owned team the LA KISS. Due to the name, and ownership they don't even list a mailing address to contact the team. I have sent a couple e-mails that have yet to get any sort of a response. Any time you get a team with an iconic name like the KISS they are very reluctant to mail out anything such as a business card. If I do one day pull off this miracle the collection might just have its crowning jewel. Until then it will be a dream that I will keep on hoping to one day have granted.

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