Monday, January 26, 2015

2014-2015 Rochester Knighthawks Business Card

Sometimes in the world of schedule collecting there are times where schedules, and business cards collide into one great looking card. Thanks to a fellow schedule collector I had the chance to not only add a good looking card that fits that bill. I had the chance to cross another team off my wants for the National Lacrosse League.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grand Rapids Drive business card

The latest addition into the business card collection comes from the NBA Developmental League.

Currently I am doing a full assault on the league, and hope to cross all teams off the wantlist by the end of February. There are three requests still waiting for returns, and the other seven will be getting requests sent out in the very near future.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014-2015 Chicago Blackhawks

I guess the goal of showing off something from the business card, or pocket schedules every day for the year has failed. No biggie as it's time to move onward, and show off my latest traders.

Being odds are you got here from my main blog you already know about these. Now they can be found in my hocket schedule traders.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2011 New York Jets magnet

Wanting to do something different I'm breaking out a magnet schedule today. The fun with magnets are they come in so many shapes that they are sometimes more fun than the regular pocket schedule to collect. The problem comes in the storage aspect. Magnets don't fit nicely into nine, four, or six pocket pages like pocket schedules.

When I picked this magnet up I was thinking about putting it in either a frame with others on the wall, or on a magnetic board on the wall. Either way in the future it will hopefully find a home on the wall in the hobby room. Even not being a Jets fan I couldn't pass on it.

Monday, January 5, 2015

1997-1998 Colorado Avalanche

When it comes to hockey there aren't many teams that I collect. One of those very limited teams is the Colorado Avalanche.

One of the great things about this schedule is it nails two things I enjoy. First off is my favorite NHL team the Colorado Avalanche. The second is it hits my fascination with logo's. Seeing the Ave's logo in seven different forms on a schedule is awesome.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Austin Spurs

In a form of cheating with the post a year for this bog. Today's business card is the latest addition into the collection.

Received on Friday from an artelope request sent out around Christmas. This leaves me just ten teams away from completing the NBA Developmental League. If you have a team locally, and would like to help in completing this great league I'd love to hear from you.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tennessee Tech Basketball Biz

Nothing to earth shattering, or anything today. After doing pocket schedules the first two days of the year. I thought why not mix things up a bit with a business card.

Doing a quick Google search I learned a few facts to share with the card. Coach Lebo was the head coach at Tennessee Tech from 1998-2002. Playing in the NIT Quarterfinals his final year as coach for the team.

After making two other stops Jeff ended up where he currently coaches at East Carolina in 2010.

The card might look rather bland, and it is on a certain level. Scans don't seem to show the glossy purple that makes up the Tennessee Tech.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2013 Fresno Grizzlies

Last year while on our road trip to Disneyland from up here in Oregon. We usually make stops to some of the baseball teams in the area when time allows. Unfortunately we weren't able to make more stops than just the one in Fresno, and the Fresno Grizzlies home stadium. While there I bought a new hat, logo baseball, and managed to pick up a small stack of pocket schedules.

The Grizzlies had three different schedule covers for 2013. I managed to only come away with the one cover which was fine with me.

Fresno does a great job with the backs of their schedules. Adding the team logo on the top middle is a nice touch that most teams don't take the time to do.

What kind of changes will there be if any this year for the Grizzlies is an interesting question. The team changed affiliations this off season to the Houston Astros. The change was forced by San Fransisco moving to the slightly closer Sacramento RiverCats.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Oregon Ducks- Coors Light

While this might be a secondary blog to my main one The Prowling Cat. What this blog does do is serve a home for two of my three collecting passions. Those two are the business cards, and the pocket schedules I enjoy so much.

I am going to put a bit more effort into this blog this year than when it was first created. Yes, it will stay true to those two hobbies. Starting today though I have a plan I'm hoping to be able to stick to. The plan is to do a daily post on the site of either a business card, or pocket schedule. If you enjoy seeing either of the two or like myself enjoy both. You might want to put this blog someplace you can find it easily.

How I do these posts will be a great mystery that will reveal itself as the year goes on. I'd love to tell you how it will work, but honestly I don't even know myself. What I do know is you will get to see some stuff that I believe you wouldn't see without coming here.

Starting off the fun is today's schedule for the 2014 Oregon Ducks football team. I chose this schedule due to fact that today the Ducks are playing Florida State in the Rose Bowl.

If there are any schedules, or business cards from a favorite team regardless of the sport feel free to let me know in an e-mail or replying to any post during the year. I might not have the schedule or business card, but  will do my best to find a picture. If I can't find one for that request I'll try to nail something close to your request. I enjoy both hobbies so seeing some things I haven't may have not seen before would be just as much fun for myself. I will give a heads up that most my collection, and traders are from 2001, and newer. I do have some older than 2001 stuff, but I am very limited. Like I said though, seeing some older schedules would be a thrill.

Any ideas on how you would like to see schedules, and business cards shown is welcomed.

 I'd like to say thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you stop in more often. As always I am open to trading for either business cards, or pocket schedules. That is the main purpose of this blog anyways.