Saturday, June 13, 2015

Eugene Emeralds New Business Cards

On Monday I had to make the trip south to Eugene, and PK park home of the Eugene Emeralds. On the agenda was to pick up tickets for the 4th of July game. We went to this game last year, and had such a good time that we wanted to do it again this year. Another item on the agenda was to update the Emeralds business card.

Last year the team had business cards that looked like a Bigfoot foot. Personally it is the best business card in all of sports, and I was looking forward to getting the new one with the teams new affiliate Cubs logo. Things weren't looking good as sitting on the counter was this card.

I'm not going to lie when I saw the card. It was a bit of a bummer that the team had changed their business cards. Getting the tickets I asked if it was possible to get a business card as I collect them from all baseball teams. Looking at the card on the counter he noticed that the card was taped to the counter, and opened a drawer to grab me another. As he was swinging the drawer open I could see the wheels in his head turning as if thinking about something. Then without notice he re-shut the drawer, and pulled out his wallet. Reaching in he pulled out his own card, and the one I was looking for.

The Bigfoot card lives!!

Remembering that I mentioned collecting business cards he wanted me to have the cool version of the teams card. I couldn't walk away though after seeing the other design, and asked if it would be possible to add one of those. More than happy he reached into the drawer once again, and pulled out one of the original cards like the one on the counter. Now the Emeralds are once again current.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

1987 Clearwater Phillies

While it would be obvious that in the 28 years since this schedule was first released schedules would go through many changes. One of the many changes I have noticed over time is very obvious in this particular schedule. In many of the 80's schedules I have there is a sponsor listed someplace on the front of the schedule. Few are used like this one, where the sponsor is possibly more important than the team. It's an interesting part of the hobby that I've started to realize the more, and more I add older schedules in the collection.

When this started, and when it ended is something I've never looked into, but maybe one day I'll give it a full look. What I do know is a couple MLB teams still have these as they have become vital additions to collectors for those teams. One of these I collect myself, and will eventually share both here, and on the main blog.

With the cover not giving the full picture I thought that this schedule needed the full view. Back in the 80's schedules aren't the masterpieces they are today. During the early days schedules were just that, a schedule of the games with some containing the ticket prices. Now they are full of information such as pictures of the field that let you know which section costs how much, and where things are located. Many have added more sponsors to the inside with full advertising. Things like these old schedules are another of the fun things that show how far baseball has come like all the other things in life.

Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Corvallis Knights

Here it is, and somewhat hot off the presses. I'd say hot of the presses, but odds are these have been out for a little while.

First let's talk schedule. Corvallis did a fantastic job on this schedule, and yet kept it simple. For a collegiate wood bat league team, I believe they did a schedule that is better than alot of minor league teams. Very well done Corvallis, you should be proud.

For those that don't know about Corvallis here is some information. The team plays in the West Coast League which is a college wood bat league. One of the most consistent teams in the WCL as Corvallis is always a team you must go through for the title. Winning seven division Championships, and three league titles. The defense of their division title begins on Friday at Bend.