Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015-16 Reno Bighorns

In December I went into full assault mode on the NBA Developmental League. It paid off as the wantlist for business cards for the league took a serious hit, and leaving me with only five teams still unaccounted for.

One of those requests went to Reno, and the Bighorns.

My inspiration for the artwork on this envelope was the famous Reno sign as you enter the casino area of town. Personally it turned out exactly as I had planned when dreaming the concept. With my limited drawing ability it is rare that an artelope turns out hoe I wanted it to.

Reno sent what has to be the best response from any of the teams in the league. The round logo at the top is a sticker. Below that is another sticker in the #RENOPROUD, and then a schedule, and the highly sought after business card.

 If it wasn't for another return that has still yet to be shared. Reno might have the best return from all the 2015 artelope requests. I should give it numero uno as they did send a business card, and the other request didn't, but I just can't do it. Even though they aren't number one I have to say thank you so much Bighorns for an awesome return.

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