Sunday, January 3, 2016

Artelopes- 2015-16 Texas Legends

Since joining the NBA Developmental League a couple years ago the Legends have been a thorn in my side. In 2013 I got one schedule, in 2014 empty, and then came this year. Sending out the following request.

Previous attempts were much like this one. I always seemed to use the team logo in some form, but with a very small deviation. The change this year adding the Texas state flag into the center star. For some unknown reason I just love putting the Texas flag into a team from Texas's logo whenever possible. It has been very rare occurrence that I wish could be done more often. I guess it being so rare adds to the coolness factor when I do get to use it.

The Legends finally nailed it by sending out a pocket schedule, and the much sought after business card. If you look at both you can see the inspiration for the artelope artwork front, and center. Both are fairly simple designs, but I like the game action shot chosen for the schedule. It's not many times you get to see an action shot of the tip-off on a schedule.

Not shown, but on the back of the business card was the smartphone barcode thing. I'm not sure if these are still popular in the remainder of the world, but around here they never did seem to catch on. I'm not sure if you still need the app to make it work, or not as like I said it just never caught on in my area.

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