Monday, December 7, 2015

Artelope Returns- 2015 Idaho Stampede

Despite not having the best of luck the past two years in returns from Thanksgiving til Christmas. The business card collection is still missing some NFL, NBA, NBA Developmental League, and NHL teams. Unfortunately the best time for all these leagues is during this time of the year. What that does is leave me the option of either continuing to take my chances, or giving up altogether. Being the goal for my collection is a business card from every team. I have only the one option of trying year after year until I finally have success. So try is what I have been doing, and lately it has been paying off.

For those that don't know, the Stampede are the NBA Developmental League affiliate of the Utah Jazz. As for the artwork on this artelope. I handed over a stack of envelopes, and gave the daughter free reign. Despite the teams logo being a horse she was in the mood to draw a guitar, and so I stuck with what she had drawn. She did refuse to add color so the drawing is just a pencil drawing instead of the usual pen, or colored pencils. On a side note, this was the only envelope in the batch she did. The remaining envelopes were eventually finished by myself.

To me the most important part of this project are the results. Idaho was a huge success in that department with a return of one schedule, and the much sought after business card. After adding Idaho into the collection the NBA Developmental League now remains at seven missing teams. Four new artelopes went out to teams in the league so hopefully that number will dwindle before Christmas.

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  1. That's my local team! I've only been to one game, though, and that was long ago while I was in high school. Attending another game is one of those things that has sat on my perpetual to-do list for well over a decade now.