Sunday, November 29, 2015

Los Angeles D-Fenders Artelope

With the main blog currently running the Cleaning Out The Clutter. I'm moving the artelopes project here as of right now. This is an idea that I've toyed with for awhile, but never pulled the trigger on. With the main blog doing its thing I feel that right now is the best time to make the move.

The artelopes is a business card, and pocket schedule related project so why not send it over to the blog related to those two hobbies? My plan is for this to be a permanent move, but who knows it may go back to the main blog eventually. For now though it's here, and ready to go.

Despite not having the best of luck the last two years during this time of year. I am in a catch 22 spot as basketball, hockey, college football bowl games, and NFL are all running right now. Because of this I'm left with no option, but to continue trying in hopes that some of these will find their way home. Luckily I sent out a request to a team in the NBA Developmental League that hadn't gotten a request until now. So, I came up with a few designs, and went to work.

Not the most fantastic of drawings that we've done lately, but it was effective.

This was everything I could want from any team I send requests to. As you can see it had the much sought after, and only reason for the request business card. Adding not only a card from the NBA Developmental League, but from the Los Angeles Lakers affiliate was a huge surprise. Since adding the card into the collection the NBA Developmental League needs list is down to seven teams missing.

Now that the artelopes has been moved here for the time being you can expect lots more posts here in the coming days. Currently I believe there are nine requests out wandering the country. Six of them are part of the artelopes, and three are just requests minus the artwork. So, if you enjoy the artelopes feel free to follow this blog, bookmark it, or just follow the link through the main blog.

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