Sunday, September 6, 2015

Augtember Continues

So far I've made some great trades that have lowered the wantlists in all the sports. Things have slowed down a bit now with one batch of schedules that should be arriving any day now still lingering. With the slow down, and finally getting a three day weekend for the first time in over a month. I just spent some time adding some not only new schedules, but some new 2015 schedules into the traders. So, to whet your whistle a little here are two of the schedules that I know some collectors out there are looking for.

This is the 2015 Cincinnati Bengals 50th Super Bowl card schedule. 

Not to be outdone is the 2015 Utah Utes. Not exactly the best scan, but a very cool looking schedule in person. If you don't have one, and want to see one hit me up for a trade.

Remember we are into the second half of the great Augtember. Until the end of this month I am trading three of my schedules, or business cards for just one of yours from my wants. 

Helping to make trading easier is there are a limited few baseball I am still missing for 2015. Even easier is the Cincy Bearcats, UNLV Rebels, and Denver Broncos all anchor my missing football for 2015. A series of baseball teams changed affiliates this year so business cards for teams of not only baseball, but all sports are still huge. 

Either way give things a look, and lets get some trading done!!

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