Friday, November 28, 2014

Even More Updates

Today I thought to myself that I could do one of two things. Actually I could have done both, but my mind was having trouble coming up with an idea for a post to put on the main blog. So I had to do the idea of working on the pocket schedule collection.

What was completed might not look like much. If you only knew though what it takes to get this much accomplished, and you'd be impressed.

Completed is all the basketball traders in pocket schedules. From there I moved into completing the wants in baseball schedules. The wants portion was a little more simple as it was strictly minor leagues. Throw in that all I had to do was look through my collection, and paste from the old site those that are still missing.

If you are a schedule collector, and wander into the site by accident. Feel free to look through the wants, and if you collect basketball schedules. Go ahead, and see if there is something you might need for your collection.

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