Monday, November 3, 2014

All About The Hockey

While the title might say that it's all about the hockey. Truth is I've gotten a few things other than hockey done today.

Starting off the morning I got all, but 25 of my sports business cards organized. The traders still need to be put up, but they are atleast organized.

The best news is that I finally got all my wants for hockey schedules updated. That is why you see the celebrating schedule above.  The list isn't a long one as I'm not the biggest of hockey schedule collectors. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in schedules not on the wantlist as they can be used as traders.

Doing this whole project is starting to remind me of why I am moving everything over from the website I have everything on now. The baseball card trading group has a few people who use webs, and they are constantly complaining their website is down. Currently I'd be farther along, but I can't get my webpage to come up. So if you are ever looking for a free website builder is not where you want to go.

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