Sunday, August 16, 2015

Let The Trading Commence

Every year that I have been collecting schedules the month of February, or one of the two months close has been labeled 'Trading In Your Favor Month'. The idea of the month has been to offer a deal in other collectors favor for schedules that fit into my collection. In past years this has been a great success not only for myself, but hopefully other collectors that have filled in their wants as well.

With this year being crazy for the cat on so many levels the offer continually got pushed back, and pushed back. Heck, I almost got to the point of wondering if I was even going to run the offer this year.
  Well wonder no more! 
Despite things still being a little nuts around here with me working tons of overtime, and other things going on. I am making this thing happen, and it is officially happening right now!! Not only is it happening it will happen for the entire extended month of Augtember.

If you haven't taken me up on this offer in past years, or just stumbled across this blog, here is how the deal works. For the remainder of August, and September I am offering to trade 3 yes, 3 schedules, or business cards from my traders for one schedule, or business cards from my wantlists. 

It's a great deal that will help both of us fill holes in the collections that have possibly been looking to be filled. So go through all those traders you have looking for a home, and see if maybe just one might find that forever home here at the cat house.

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