Sunday, February 22, 2015

South Bend Cubs Business Card

Among the many changes going on this year in minor league baseball was South Bend. Changing their affiliation over to the Chicago Cubs. With this change came another from the Silverhawks to the South Bend Cubs.

Initial opinion of this card from the front is that it's kind of plain, but does contain every bit of contact information I can personally think of. I can't recall any other team in any sport with this much points of contact information on a card front.

Then comes the back of the card which saves the Cubs from being just some boring team business card. It might not be some crazy design, but it works. Not all teams add designs on the back of their cards. So when a team does you have to give them credit for it.

Looking at just the front when I got the card I wasn't completely sold. Then came the back, and some time looking at the card. Now I think the team did an good job with the card, and an excellent job on making sure you know how to contact them. That is the entire reason for a business card isn't it?

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