Monday, February 29, 2016

Westchester Knicks Biz Card

With some of the leagues starting to fall into the very close to completion stage. I made the move to e-mail some of the missing teams in these leagues, and luckily one of them responded. The response came from a member of the Westchester Knicks who are the NBADL team for the New York Knicks.  A name was given to address the envelope.

Rather than go the route of sending an artelope I kept it simple, and sent a regular envelope, and SASE for the return trip.

Now with the Knicks in the collection I am currently missing four teams from the NBADL. Another possible lead has come my way for one of the remaining teams. Hopefully this lead will come to fruition, and the list will shrink by one more. Until then I will keep chiseling away at cards from all the teams from every winter sportin hopes of completing atleast one league.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Georgia Swarm

Working on the indoor National Lacrosse League, or the NLL. I sent out a few artelopes, and a few regular SASE requests. One of, and the second of two artelopes was sent to the Georgia Swarm.

The Swarm are a relocated team for 2016. Originally known as the Minnesota Swarm the team moved to Georgia beginning this season. The reason for this move was an end to the teams lease in Minnesota, and hoping to become more profitable.

The idea for the artwork was the cityscape I've used before, and throw in the beehive that I have used in the past. The honeycombs didn't turn out like I had hoped, but the city turned out as planned.

The best news was that the Swarm delivered with the results I wish every team delivered. As you can see the team sent a pocket schedule, and the most important addition the business card. With the Swarm now in the collection there are three teams missing from the NLL.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Artelopes- 2016 Colorado Mammoth

With the winter sports starting up I have been on a full blitz to try, and either close out some leagues or get real close. The NLL fits in the category of leagues I think could possibly be completed this year. Originally the league needed some serious dedication to complete going into 2016. Luckily a trade for two of the teams got me excited about the possibility of finishing things off. Feeling this excitement I got straight to work, and sent requests to four of the five missing teams.

Not exactly my best work when it comes not only to drawing, but in drawing mountains. I have to admit that when drawing this I wasn't very motivated to do my best work. The Mammoth have gotten a few requests in the past, and nothing ever came from those requests. Throw in that the Mammoth have joined the club for what I believe is three years now of not producing schedules. The hopes of getting a business card from the team was very slim in my opinion.

The good news is slim came through with this little beauty above. Best of all the Mammoth nailed down the design on their cards, and showed why I love this teams logo so much. If they were to give out an award for NLL logo's I think the Mammoth would either win, or come in a very close second.

With another card still waiting to be shown. The NLL is finally down to missing only three business cards from being a completed league. Two teams are from Canada, and thus take a little more time to get returns from. The final team I couldn't find an address for, and am working on getting a mailing address for. Once the address is secured the New England Black Wolves can expect to be hearing from me.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Artelopes 2015 Detroit Lions

With 2016 seeing a month, and a half already gone. I guess it's about time to show off the last 2015 artelope for NFL.

The daughter was chomping at the bit to do this drawing. Being she rarely wants to do any of these lately I was more than willing to let her do her thing. Her inspiration was some sort of Leo birth sign that she had either previously drawn, or seen and wanted to draw. Done entirely in pencil it was sent out without color because she wasn't willing to color it, and I felt it wasn't my place to add color to her art.

Detroit failed to send either a business card, or a pocket schedule. What they did send was a fan pack that had some pretty cool stuff. First is the rubber helmet keychain that now sits on the football shelf in the hobby room. Second is a pencil that simply says Lions with no logo, and third is the sheet with four stickers. Originally I had no idea on what to do with the stickers, but I'm kind of thinking about decorating the football business cards binder. Whether I use the large sticker, or one to two of the smaller is still being thought out.

Other than the Steelers which I'm probably going to just let pass on by. This closes out the 2015 artelopes, and moves us into 2016 moving forward.

Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Oregon Ducks softball, and baseball

While at the Oregon Ducks basketball game Sunday I came across the following baseball, and softball schedule.

The schedule itself is a card style with the baseball on one side, and the softball on the other. Who each player on the schedule is I have no idea. What I do know is that both teams have been establishing themselves as threats in the PAC12 each year. Expect 2016 to be no different for either team.